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Van Bramer Calls on Fellow BP Candidates to Join Call for Gov's Resignation

In the wake of the spiraling claims of workplace abuse against Governor Cuomo, Queens Borough President candidate, Jimmy Van Bramer, called on his opponents in the race to join him in demanding the Governor's resignation. Van Bramer first called on the Governor to resign on February 27th.

"After reading Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett's accounts of disgusting and demoralizing workplace abuse I called on Governor Cuomo to resign on February 27th, and have since re-upped my call several times, circulating a petition to build public support. I want to be absolutely clear: I believe all the other women who have since come forward as well. And yet the Governor has shamefully continued to gaslight and malign them, while attempting to undermine the Attorney General's independent investigation by silencing female lawmakers. This is absolutely unacceptable and I'm calling now on my opponents in this race to join me in calling on the Governor to resign. The #MeToo movement has exposed systemic workplace sexual harassment and assault, but it's up to leaders to take bold action. Half measures and silence won't cut it."


Van Bramer has been outspoken against sexual harassment throughout his time in the New York City Council. Just last year he introduced a motion to expel fellow Councilmember Andy King after details of his serial predation on female staff came out. Although the motion failed, Councilman King was eventually expelled months later after yet another incident.

Van Bramer has previously proposed legislation requiring organizations that seek city subsidies to submit their record on sexual harassment complaints as a condition of funding. As a candidate for BP he's committed to gender parity in hiring, as well as gender audits to determine discriminate pay disparities and right them.